Speed set-ups I used at the Dunkerbeck World Championships Speed

Maybe some of you are wondering which windsurfing board, sail or fin I was using and how I trim them.

On both Friday and Saturday I used the Severne Sails Reflex 5 6.2 together with the Starboard isonic speed special W54 and a Sonntag GPS-6 28cm fin. Because there were some waves coming in on both days you had to sail a little bit more offshore where it is a bit choppy. Usually in flatwater I sail smaller fins but in gusty choppy conditions a bigger fin provides me a little bit more stability. The sail I rig with a little bit less downhaul to put the board nicely neutral on the water and the boom height exactly in the middle. On the starboard 54 I sail the base 1-2 cm back from the middle of the mast track.

250m speeds on these days between 38-39 knots

From Sunday till Tuesday we used bigger gear, I was on the Severne Reflex 8 7.8 and the Starboard isonic 97 together with the Sonntag GPS-6 35cm. Difference with my high wind kit is that I put the boom a little bit higher (about 5cm). Also the base little bit more in the back. The GPS-6 have such a neutral feeling that I can handle that extra bit of power easy and it allows me to keep the board foiling even when the wind drops a little bit.

250m speeds on these days between 36-37 knots

Wednesday I used the Severne Sails Reflex 8 7.0 together with the Starboard isonic 87 and the Sonntag GPS-6 30cm fin. This set I rig the same as my highwind W54/6.2 kit.

250m speeds on this day around 38 knots.

Twan Verseput

All the days I used a seat harness from Prolimit.

What do I think is the most important in your speed gear?

  1. Use gear that you can trust. Of course theoretical that other fin or that other board can be always faster, but control problems or no trust in your gear makes you always go slower.
  2. In choppy conditions use a little bit bigger fin and board to get more lift over the chop.
  3. Don’t rig the sail with a lot of downhaul, little bit less makes the sail more stable and puts it nicely neutral on the water when a big gust hits you.
  4. Try to keep the boom as high as possible. A higher boom makes your board more loose on the water which reduces drag and makes your runs also more overall fast (especially important if you want to do a high 250m or 500m time).

If you want to have more info about the boards, fins etc. you can always contact me through the contact form on my website or write me a message on facebook.

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